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Distance and Outreach Learning

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Creating the link to education

Not all students that start with us at Act Fast are in the position to engage with full time education from day one. This may be the result any number of social, emotional or educational reasons. Our Outreach programme is designed to help, encourage and reengage disadvantaged SEMH students.


Our Outreach team designs bespoke curriculum sessions, taught off-site but wherever possible within familiar setting, to meet the needs of students unable to attend regular timetabled sessions in school. Qualified teachers plan and deliver subject-specific lessons, talks or workshops, and in doing so, help, uplift, and support those who are most vulnerable to missing out educationally, whilst ensuring their social, spiritual and mental wellbeing.


The aim of our Outreach programme is the (re)integration of the student, with the resilience, confidence and ambition to achieve.

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