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Parent & Carer View

We appreciate all feedback provided by parents and carers. We ask that parents and carers complete the form below, which allows us to see the views of those who's children attend Act Fast. 

General Feedback

Please provide us feedback on your child's experience at Act Fast


My child is happy at this school
My child feels safe at this school
My child makes progress at this school
The school makes sure the students are well behaved
The school effectively deals with bullying
The school responds well to any concerns i raise
The school is well led and managed
I recieve valuable information from the school about my childs progress
I would recommend this school to another parent / carer
The school makes me aware of what my child will learn during the year (via the website)
My child has been offered the opportunity to take part in afte-school activities and/or inter-school sporting events
The school supports my child with personal development

Thank you

Thanks for your feedback!

Curriculum Feedback

Please provide us feedback on your child's curriculum


The school curriculum engages my chid in learning
The shool curriculum is appropriate
The school curriculum is board and balanced.
The subjects taught are exciting and innovative
My child is being prepared for the next stage of their learning


My child experiences a wide variety of learning opportunites
My child is becoming an independant learner
My child knows how to improve their work
My child knows what is expected of them at school
My child has access to a 24hr curriculum


My child is making good progress
My child has a thirst for learning
The school expects my child to work hard
My child engages in reading
My child enjoys reading at home


The schools assessment system is helping my child to progess
I know my child's targets and next steps
Teachers help my child when they have misunderstood learning
My child finds exams and tests stressful
Feedback helps my child to know their next steps and how to progress
Teachers are always aware of my childs access arrangments
My child is aware of their targets and how to achieve them
I know how my child is progressing at school

Thank you 

Thanks for your feedback!

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