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Local Authority or School Referral

After a referral is made to Act Fast, we invite a representative from the referring body (usually the Inclusion Officer), the learner and the learner’s parents into Act Fast for a familiarisation visit.
During that visit the learner is given a tour of the facility, is introduced to key staff members and receives an explanation of the culture of Act Fast. Learners are given the opportunity to voice any concerns and any questions they have are answered.

We set a high expectation on behaviour here, and partly because expectations are high, but also because more established learners mentor new arrivals, new learners very soon fall into compliance with our way of doing things. Act Fast works because our learners buy into the culture. This is the first opportunity that a young person has to involve themselves in how we operate here.

Application forms must be completed prior to a young person starting at Act Fast. Once applications are complete, the referring body typically takes a few days (sometimes up to a week) to arrange their transport.
Personal data will be stored and processed at this point, and details entered into our MIS system, Cloud School

We insist on a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) meeting with stakeholders and the young person present within the first month. This allows any teething troubles to be voiced and solutions to be sought.
Further PLP meetings are held regularly, no less frequently than once a term.
At those meetings, Act Fast staff will deliver a report detailing the engagement of the young person, levels of educational attainment, attendance, general engagement, and commentary on the likelihood of a reintegration being successful.

Reintegration planning must be tailored to suit the needs of the individual.

Student Referral Form


Intended Users: Schools and Authorities 

To apply for a place at Act Fast download the application form. All relevant sections must to be completed prior to enrolment. Please note that Section 1 needs to be completed by the host school. Section 2 and 3 must be completed by the parent/guardian and student. Please download the form below. 

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