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Vocational Studies

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The aims of these sessions are to develop the learner’s knowledge of and skills in garden horticulture. Discover why developing a career in horticulture can be a rewarding, life-changing move. Working within a natural environment and leading an outdoor lifestyle can be a welcome change from a typical classroom environment. Understanding how things are nurtured and grown helps us appreciate our environment and fosters respectful behaviour towards it.

You can view our rationales for Horticulture HERE


Construction Skills

These sessions are practical based, hands-on sessions that teaches a variety of bricklaying, plastering, tiling, woodwork, painting and decorating skills and develops an understanding of what the industry offers . The course focuses on the basic, practical principles, skills and knowledge required for the absolute novice to build confidence and gain the knowledge and skills required by the construction industry to further their potential career options.

You can view our rationales for Construction HERE

Motor Vehicle Studies

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This is an exciting study programme which encompasses general motorcycle maintenance and repair procedures, giving you a good insight into the industry. It will provide essential knowledge for this specialist group of maintenance and repair technicians and covers the basic technical needs of today's motorcycle industry. The course is predominantly delivered through hands-on sessions, which builds into theoretical knowledge and a greater understanding of the operating principles of motorcycles as the level of course rises.

The Independent School Criteria covered in Motor Vehicle are:

- developing, planning and communicating ideas;

- working with tools, equipment, materials and components to produce good quality products;

- evaluating processes and products.


With a large offer including two stages of AQA qualifications, Entry 3 Award and Certificate, Level 1 Award, Certificate and Diploma courses these courses offer an ideal foundation for anyone wanted to go into Further Education or Full-time employment.

You can view our rationales for Motor Vehicle HERE

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