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The meaning behind our ethos

Respect others and your surroundings

  1. Practice active listening

  2. Seek to understand others

  3. Show empathy for differences

  4. Apologise when you are wrong

  5. Be polite

  6. Show gratitude

  7. Be supportive

  8. Keep your promises

  9. Take care of yourself

The Importance of attendance 

Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow

Being around teachers and friends in a school or college environment is the best way for pupils to learn and reach their potential. Time in school also keeps children safe and provides access to extra-curricular opportunities and pastoral care.  

That’s why school attendance is so important and why the Government and Act Fast are committed to tackling the issues that might cause some children to miss school unnecessarily.  

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Act Fast uses the Attend Framework to support and develop strategies to improve attendance. Click on the logo to find more information.

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