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It has been two year since our last Ofsted Inspection and in that time the school has developed rapidly. The introduction of the new Senior Leadership Team (SLT) has help drive the school forward with clear vision and focus. A strong staff team has risen to the challenge and the school now leads the way in key areas. I look forward to the next chapter for Act Fast, with our learners at the heart of everything that we do.  

P. Sembiante

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Ofsted Report

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Best Bits


“Act Fast provides a calm and nurturing yet stimulating and ambitious environment for pupils to learn. Pupils feel safe and valued by staff. They enjoy the school’s vast grounds and facilities, which provide them with the space and opportunity to undertake meaningful learning that results in desirable academic and vocational qualifications.”.​

“Leaders know the school’s strengths and vulnerabilities well. Pupils’ feelings of safety and acceptance are rightly prioritised as they start at the school. Pupils’ social, emotional and mental health remains of the highest priority as pupils continue their journey through the school. ”

“Pupils receive an appropriately broad curriculum. This includes both academic and vocational offers. The curriculum is well sequenced, so pupils develop a range of knowledge and skills. Teachers identify any gaps that pupils have in their learning when they arrive at the school. They then work hard to address these so that pupils can make sense of new learning.”

“The school prioritises reading. Pupils and staff understand that reading is important. At the same time, every day, each pupil has a structured reading activity. The school Inspection report: Act Fast NL Ltd 20 to 22 February 2024 3 reinforces the importance of wider reading through a carefully considered reading programme. Older pupils access ambitious texts in their English programmes, for instance studying Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice and Men’. Pupils who are at the early stages of reading enjoy regular phonics sessions. Trained staff teach phonics well and support pupils to become independent readers.”

“The school’s personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education programme is powerful. Pupils benefit from an innovative curriculum which develops pupils’ strength of character, empathy and respect. Leaders orchestrate this learning with natural skill, using the expertise and support of pastoral and mentoring teams across the school to co-deliver these important aspects. Activity days, which are often centred around the school’s welcoming studio space, promote aspects such as equality and diversity.”

"Careers guidance is expertly interwoven into the PSHE curriculum. Pupils explore future vocations and the qualifications and skills that they may need to achieve their ambitions. Staff are empowered to ensure that pupils each enjoy considerable bespoke, one-to-one careers mentoring. This develops in pupils a strong understanding of ‘self’ in preparation for their individual life journey. The young person’s voice is central to this work. Moreover, leaders’ decisions to equip pupils with industry-valued qualifications ensure that pupils start life with solid prospects."

"The school’s website includes all the information that is required. Attendance and admissions registers are kept correctly. In all cases, pupils’ attendance since starting at Act Fast has increased dramatically. In those cases where leaders have concerns about pupils’ attendance, they act promptly and sensitively to support pupils’ social, emotional and mental health needs to ensure continued learning."

Our Focus

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“Leaders prioritise reading throughout school. They know that a small number of pupils who join the school, and who are still at the early stage of reading, are not gaining phonics knowledge consistently. Equally, some pupils who are independent readers are not developing their comprehension skills as well as they might. The school should ensure that its plan to introduce cross-school reading champions who are empowered to support their staff teams in this vital area of the school’s work is implemented swiftly.”

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