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Quality Assurance and Standardisation

Quality Assurance

Act Fast ensures that the highest standard of education is delivered to its students. Quality assurance in teaching and learning is a gauge of this. Act Fast NL Ltd understands that each student is an individual and may learn in a different way to others. Therefore, we acknowledge that a lesson that meets the needs of the student may appear unconventional to some teachers. However, the quality of planning and differentiation will not be compromised and will meet all standardisation quality assurance set by the school and awarding bodies. 



Standardising practice ensures all teachers, trainers, assessors and quality assurers interpret and follow the requirements of the programme or qualification in the same way. It also helps ensure all those involved are consistent and fair to all learners throughout their time with them.


It enables people to work as a team rather than on their own, and enables them to give an equitable service. However, any individual learner needs will need to be taken into account. This may mean differentiating some teaching, learning and assessment materials to suit the particular needs of learners. Initial assessment can be used to identify any needs, this should not be limited to the beginning of a programme, but be regularly checked as needs can change.

Marking Policy.png

The School adheres to a marking policy for all our academic curriculum to standardise the approach to improving quality. This helps students understand feedback that is given and where improvements need to be made.


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John Regan is the academic curriculum lead and ensures high standards are met.


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Phil Bell is the Awarding Bodies coordinator and liaises with outside agencies to ensure high standards are achieved and maintained.

Steve Baxter is a qualified IQA and quality assures assessments and portfolio evidence.

Tracey Fletcher is a qualified IQA and quality assures assessments and portfolio evidence.

Progress monitoring


Using our state of the art MIS system allows us to continually monitor progress and action support if required at an early stage.

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