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The Pathway and Inclusion Team

Pathway & Inclusion Team

The Pathway Team

From initial consultations to final destinations, the Pathway team support all our learners to ensure access to the best educational experience whilst at Act Fast.

The support network helps support families and carers as well as learners to ensure all aspects of care and support are in place.

The Inclusion Team

The work of the Pathway and Inclusion Team is varied and includes:

  • analysing data to assess where students may need support

  • Support for children & young people who are unable to attend school because of health issues or other reason.

  • Develop strategies to support children and young people to access education

  • Support for students who are at risk of exclusion

  • Supporting families with Early Help and ensuring that there is a nominated lead

  • liaison with other agencies to support students and parent/carers

  • Acting on behalf of school prosecuting for irregular school attendance.


The role can sometimes involve having challenging but supportive discussions with both children and young people about their behaviour, health issues and their school attendance, with their parents, with schools and settings about the support and strategies in place and with support agencies and providers.

Recovery and Flourishing Phases

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