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Student Council

Recent changes made from feedback by the student council

YOU SAID: We would like bikes for the FE cohort that differ from the TTR's currently used

WE DID: Purchased 2 x 140 pit bikes and 3 x 75cc motocross bikes for FE and the Race Team

YOU SAID: We would like to go on more trips with the school

WE DID: Organised a trip to NEC to discover career opportunities in the Motor Vehicle Industry

YOU SAID: We need a dry area outside the canteen for lunch and break times, when wet weather. 

WE DID: Created a large patio area outside the Canteen for everyone to use.

YOU SAID: We would like extra English and Maths lessons 

WE DID: Extra English and Maths lessons added to the end of the school day for students who wish to attend. 

Have your say

We hold monthly Student Voice meetings with our Student Council to ensure that their voices are heard. If you feel you would like to have a say and be part of the Student Council, please let Pete know and we can ensure you are on the board for the next meeting! 

Share with us your suggestions! 

Thanks for sharing! We always strive to improve.

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