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Success stories

Supermoto-Rider Jay Smith


As a lead mechanic for a top Supermoto rider, I was keen to see the advantages of using Aztecs 10w/40 against our usual high end oil. To get an unbiased verdict from our rider, I decided not to tell him what I had done (bearing in mind no other alterations were made). The rider came back from practice and was raving about how well the bike set off and how it felt quicker and smoother. This was backed up by Jay winning his race, an excellent result for the team and Aztec.


Kieran Sembiante shows off Mototec whilst at Cadwell Park

Kieran Sembiante has not only taken over the Mini Bike world with his many wins and achievements, but he decided to follow in his fathers footsteps and take a plunge into Road Racing. Taking out his beautifully striking Road Bike he made his way around Cadwell race track like a bird in flight - effortless.

We look forward to cheering Kieran on for his first race meeting on 1st July!

Photo by Paul Kitchen

Green Light Scooters breaks his own record with Aztec Oils

Congratulations to Adie Horrocks of Green Light Scooters and his achievements at the Straightliners World Record Week held at Elvington airfield. It was an eventful week, and was summed up by Adie himself.

Last September during the same UK records event I managed 121 mph at the 1 mile and 121 mph at the 1.25 mile as 2 run averages, with a best top speed of 122 mph. These times were with an 8 to 10mph tail wind; I have now beaten that UK record with no assistance at all.

This week was one of my opportunities, I have managed to break world records over numerous distances and hitting those speeds consistently, Im extremely pleased with how my machines performed.

I am still very much itching to achieve that 130 mph, so will be taking all the opportunities I can over this season to get there.

I would like to thank all my sponsors and supporters for helping me towards my ultimate goal.


adie timings.png
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