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Why Volunteer?

At Actfast we want to build stronger communities through volunteering, we value working with others, building, and maintaining effective partnerships.

By introducing our students in to volunteering roles in our career programme we focus on this achievement of positive outcome for everyone involved.

When students volunteer, they develop their skills across their capabilities in an authentic way.

Volunteering gives students a way to:

      Develop social Skills.

      Explore possible career options.

      Find their purpose and help others.

      Connect with people in their community.

      Increase their self-understanding, independence, and confidence.

However, it’s done, there’s strong research that shows volunteering can make students feel more confident and connected to people. It can create a positive change in their lives and the things they care about. Students develop skills they can apply in education or training and everyday life.


This can all lead to better chances for employment and can lead to a student developing:




      Critical and creative thinking

      Ethical reflection

      Respectful communication.

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