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Fostering a love of  reading 

As a School we have invested heavily in developing reading provision across our school. In the academic year 22/23 we redesigned our reading program to improve children’s access to high quality texts. All our students now have access to their own reading book scheme and we ensure they have regular access to support the development of a love of reading.

All areas of the school celebrate and promote a love of reading through their curriculum areas, and we are proud of the impact this has on our students.

We have worked hard to ensure the range of books provided are suitable for their reading level and provide the essential development pathway. Particular attention has been made ensuring that difference is celebrated within our reading spines. We use Renaissance Reader scheme to plan reading development alongside trained teachers to maximise the effectiveness. 

We know that it is vital that children learn to read as soon as possible to enable them to access the curriculum and to increase their life chances. Identifying students reading age, strengths and developmental areas is key to reducing barriers to reading before they begin to engage fully in reading.

We use the Fresh Start program for phonics and this has improved the effectiveness of our phonics intervention sessions. We have a Phonics specialist who works across all our schools coaching and supporting our staff to deliver high quality teaching of phonics where applicable.

Your Guided Learning Mentors

Kaeley and Debbie are facilitating the supported reading programme at the school. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact them via their email addresses, or alternatively you can call our head office and ask for them by name. 

Below are some examples of reading ability books, colour coded to aid access and promote a love of reading.

The Long Red Coat

Jill Atkins

238353 EN

ATOS BL: 1.3




Catch Footballs Beat

Stephanie Peters

240001 EN

ATOS BL: 2.4



How Do Cats Purr?

Nancy Furstinger

237490 EN

ATOS BL: 2.9



Attack of the Jack-O'-Lanterns

R L Stine

200621 EN

ATOS BL: 3.3




Alex Gino

239345 EN

ATOS BL: 5.1




You Are A Champion - How to be the best you can be 

Marcus Rushford

241697 EN

ATOS BL: 5.9



Being Miss Nobody

Tasmin Winter

233184 EN

ATOS BL: 6.1

POINTS: 12.0


For more recommended reading, click the image to the left.


You will find a wide range of books for all reading levels. 

Understanding Phonics for Parents and Carers

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Click on the video link for a brief overview of Phonics

Supporting parents and carers with learning at home


Audio Book Of The Term

Our audiobook recommendation of this term is:

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