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Year 11 and Post 16 Leavers Day 2024


How proud are we of our year 11 and Post 16 learners and the journey they have travelled. Each one of them has shown resilience, commitment and determination to give themselves the best chance of a positive future. With a raft of achievements consisting of GCSE's, Functional skills, Level 1 and 2 vocational qualifications, as well as AQA certification , they have provided an excellent foundation.

To celebrate, we had bacon and sausage butties whilst shirt signing and general chatting took place before the presentations. As Principal, I addressed all staff and learners and presented the learners with  their certificates of achievement. It was wonderful to hear the learners talking about their experiences at school and how they had enjoyed themselves. 

To finish off we had a trip to Blyton race circuit where our learners had the chance to passenger in a Ginetta race car driven expertly by staff member JC. This experience is something they will always remember and they all said how much they had enjoyed the day.

All of our leavers have a positive destination to either college or employment and I wish them all the best for their future. 

Peter Sembiante


Welcome Sonny!

Welcome to Sonny, our newest addition to the Act Fast team! 

Sonny is a Golden Retriever pup whom belongs to Pete & Cheryl. His role at Act Fast is to make everyone smile, chew everything and sleep. 

Isn't he so cute! 



Inspirational Staff 

Act Fasts Minibike Champion

Kieran Sembiante, our very own Motor Vehicle Instructor is known for dominating the UK Minibike championships year after year, so why would 2023 be any different? 

The 24th & 25th June saw the first instalment of the UK Minibike Championships, where many travelled from each end of the country to participate in the event. 

Kieran, expectedly, flew across the track as though it was as easy as breathing; we assume for him it could be! Have you ever seen him race? It's effortless! Winning two out of three of his races on the Saturday 24th, Kieran walked away with a much deserved overall first place award! 

Sunday saw Kieran own the two races entered, gaining first place in both! 

A massive congratulations to Kieran! Good luck for the rest of the year. 

Photos by Nigel Chantrell Photography / Storm Red Media


Going the extra mile

Shankara London marathon.png

I have ran at different levels since the age of 14, starting with running for Doncaster County at school and then during my time in the Army.

The London Marathon is a fantastic experience something I’ve had the privilege to have previously done before.

The marathon is a total of 26.2 miles with my normal time on flat ground being anything from 3:30-3:50hrs depending on the goal of that race .Sometimes it’s just great to chat.

I always try to get a good for age in my category as a personal goal.

I didn’t get a place to run the marathon on the ballot which is a free place, so decided to run for a charity which is Make-A-Wish. The total money needed to raise to run The London Marathon is £2500, a target which I’m yet still to reach.


As I’ve said I’ve run many marathons, Ultras and shorter Park runs, depending on where I was at in life, and my commitments. So really, the only reason this was a special Marathon to me was because it’s London and it’s a wow factor.

Due to the pandemic which saw the end of my business, along with the joy of home schooling my 4 teens which I will add I absolutely loved, best time of my life as a mum but I somehow lost my Mojo, my WHY for running,

Until that tragic day when the life of a young soul was taken tragically in a car crash, Adam Simms been the young person in question. I still cry when I tell the story of that day, I’d only met Adam once, but my teens spoke fondly of him.

The realisation that the sudden loss of life of such a resilient, helpful, adventurous, young man, taken too soon, and the pain for his parents to never get the chance to see their son grow has been a driving factor for me. Adam was 18.


As a mother of children of similar ages to Adam, I felt the pain of his family. So they say only one person out of every 1 million will run a marathon in their lifetime.

If you want to …!!!!! but think you can’t .

Then I suggest you do

Because you can.

I’ve ran many marathons.

I’ve run on consecutive days for marathons, yet this one was my hardest, not only was I stepping into this run with an injury I also had the emotional reason behind that run, and that was hard. I had points in the run when my head was down, and I couldn’t look up because of the tears that welled in my heart, and I started panicking, I couldn’t breathe and had to dig deep. 

This was my slowest run I’ve ever had.

This was my hardest run.

This was for Adam.


Sponsorship leads to first win

Unbelievable weekend at Cadwell Park for my son’s first ever racing event, round 2 of the no limit’s CB500 championship in the Newcomers class.

Qualified P2 in class P17 overall.
Race 1 finished P1 in class P18 overall.

Race 1 finished P2 in class P16 overall in torrential rain.
Race 2 finished P1 in class and P13 overall in the wet.

Huge thanks to Aztec Oils, Pete, Cheryl and Kieran Sembiante at Act Fast for helping him out with sponsorship.

Massive thanks to all the friends and family that came to support him.

We go again in 2 weeks’ time,
Roll on Donington Park.



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