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Fully Synthetic 2-Stroke FD (red)


A fully synthetic low ash two stroke oil blended from selected base oils specifically designed for highly stressed two stroke engines. Delivering a cleaner combustion and reduced exhaust smoke, whilst delivering the best performance for your motorbike. Primarily designed for use in medium to high output motorcycle engines but can be used in a range of other two stroke applications such as mopeds and chainsaws. Suitable for pre-mix and oil injection systems.



  • Excellent deposit and wear control.
  • Improved system cleanliness.
  • Low ash for reduced deposit formation.
  • Low smoke.
  • Power protection formula gives superior protection against piston seizure, even at high temperatures when tested with very low oiling rates.
  • Readily miscible in petrol.

MOTOTEC FS 2-Stroke FD (Red)

PriceFrom £5.95
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